About Bad Jelly

Four Galletly sisters – Emma, Sarah, Olivia and Alice – are embarking on the the most important archaeological mission of all time.

What did Kiwis and Aussies eat before sushi existed? Before sliders or tapas or salted caramel macaroons? How did anyone cook Asian-fusion without coriander or galangal?

Nobody knows. Whatever it was we were eating last century, we seem to have collectively repressed the memory and thrown away the key.

Until now.

Armed with cupboards full of glacé cherries, novelty-shaped moulds and jumbo jars of mayonnaise, we will be testing the best, the worst, and the most outlandish recipes ever published Down Under. In doing this we hope to gain valuable insight into the two countries’ culinary evolution, and get really good at making radish rosettes.

Aucklanders Olivia and Alice will be cooking the Kiwi recipes, Sydneysiders Sarah and Emma will take on Oz.

Please submit suggestions/memories/horror stories to badjellyblog@gmail.com.

12 thoughts on “About Bad Jelly

  1. Oh my God! I have been lying here for the past hour absolutely laughing my a** off! I swear this is the funniest stuff ever! More please! The best ever!

  2. I just came across your blog and spent an hour reading through all your posts, bursting with laughter. Very excellent attempts at plating and presentation by the way. Please keep this up, you guys easily made my day!

  3. Thank you for bringing me much joy and laughter! I was so pleased to see that you actually made the recipes, not just showed the funny pictures. Very entertaining!

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