Christmas pudding

If you close your eyes and imagine a Christmas pudding you probably think of warmth, brandy, plump sultanas peeking out from between folds of glistening pudding.  So now take the warmth and the glistening pudding and replace it with gelatinous wobbly jelly… and you have Christmas pudding, Bad Jelly style.

photo - recipe

The recipe is that you take a bunch of stuff that probably shouldn’t be cooked, then you cook it, then you mix it with some sherry and some gelatine and leave it to set.  The smell while it is setting is horrible.  It’s so hard to describe except to say it’s the smell of something that shouldn’t be cold, quietly being cold and resenting it.

“Decanting” was so hard and we ended up dropping it from a height on to a breadboard, so the photos below look slightly worse for wear.

photo 6

Yes, those are bananas

We looked at the bad jelly.  The bad jelly wobbled slightly and dared us to taste it.

photo 2 - slice of puddingWe tasted. It was bloody awful.

photo 3 - single slice

12 thoughts on “Christmas pudding

  1. Just the line “It’s so hard to describe except to say it’s the smell of something that shouldn’t be cold, quietly being cold and resenting it.” has me dying. Oh my god that looks like something a cat would throw up. Though that may be an insult to cats.

  2. You forgot to top it with mouse droppings as per the recipe photo. I’ll bet that would have given it the special something your taste buds were missing!

  3. I know I’ll regret asking, but are there garlic cloves in there with the bananas and peas? If yes, why? Also, where in God’s Holy Trousers did you find this monstrosity?

    • No – thankfully! There is crystallised ginger and blanched almonds though. This beauty came from the “Davis Gelatine recipe book”. I am starting to get very suspicious of any recipe book that focuses on one ingredient!

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  5. It’s as if someone tried very hard to make jellied fruitcake, and then completely ignored the horrific results in order to include it in the recipe book. Or maybe all the recipes are this awful? I feel kind of sorry for it, especially because of the description of its smell while setting. I, too, resent being cold.

  6. That is a really dense mass of fruit in that jello. I’m surprised that it held together at all. At our blog, my wife and I have tried a number of retro gelatin dishes, and they aren’t generally that sturdy.

  7. Haha! This is one of those recipes you just know will end up being a pile of slimy fruit! However, I will admit that one of my mother’s favorite jello recipes combined green olives, cream cheese cubes and black cherries.

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