Almondine Avocado Meringue

“The subtle flavour of avocado seems to be retained quite well in cooked desserts…”

So the challenge for this post is going to be to write about a meringue with an oozy green centre and not use the word “snot”.  Here goes.

When we decided that it was time to finish up avocado month (because none of us could stand avocado anymore) then the obvious recipe to finish on was a dessert. And when it came to dessert we were spoilt for choice – starting our browsing at a lush green “Tropical Crème Caramel”, meandering past “Banavo crepes” and “Creamed Avocado Puffs” and finally settling on the Almondine Avocado Meringue.

Avo meringue recipe

What sold us on the meringue was that it seemed like a last ditch attempt on the part of the author to fill the dessert section.  You can imagine this poor woman desperately searching for an avocado recipe that’s not too obviously a prank on humanity and then just thinking “Fuck it, everyone likes meringue, just stick it in a meringue.”  I bet she was as sick of avocado as we are.

To make it you basically make two meringues (thanks Emma and Rose) and then put cream and avocado in the middle.  To make it real fancy then pipe a bit of chocolate and sprinkle some almonds on the top, like so:

Avo meringue

And in its green gooey goodness in a gratuitous close up:

Avo meringue scary close up

Then just find a willing victim and serve up a slice:

Avo meringue slice

After bracing ourselves for inevitable disappointment, the taste test bit of this was actually not too bad.  We did all find ourselves trying to scrape the avocado off the meringue and just eat meringue and cream, so the verdict (like most of the recipes in avocado “month”) is “Not bad, would have been better without the avocado.”

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