Sour Cream Avodamia Pie

The Complete Avocado Cookbook

“It may be difficult to imagine natural green desserts…”

True statement. It is difficult to imagine natural green desserts, even after you’ve seen the recipe and whipped up the green “Sour Cream Avodamia Pie”. In fact even when you are sitting in front of it willing yourself to taste it.

pie recipe

The pie started off well, a sugary, buttery crust packed with crushed macadamia nuts, and then went downhill from there.  The pie filling is set with gelatine and there is a very small window between the avocado remaining green and the pie being set.

Too soon and it’s a good green colour (tough to write this with a straight face) but the filling is sort of sloppy:

sloppy pie

But then if you wait a bit longer then it is set but goes a disconcerting browny green colour:

pie slice

It tasted ok, sort of like avocado mashed up with sugar and spooned in to a pie base.  Maybe it would be ok with some ice-cream, cream and no other options.

4 thoughts on “Sour Cream Avodamia Pie

  1. YES I’ve been waiting for the latest installment of Bad Jelly!! Laughed out loud at work as per usual. Thank you for whipping up these horrid creations for our amusement, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi there. I have been writing a blog on retro food and recipes for a while now in Melbourne and I just read your blog and really enjoyed it, very funny and brave of you to let some of those dangerous morsels pass your lips. Mine is called yesterdays gourmet, and has many pictures and recipes akin to yours in their vintage and appeal. Please have a look, I am sure you will find many recipes there to tickle your fancy or your gag reflex and I would be delighted if you tried some. It’s lovely to find someone else who enjoys a similar uncomfortable experience as I do, although some of my friends seem to want me to cut it out.

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