Date Avocado Tango

The Complete Avocado Cookbook

The Date Avocado Tango marks the start of Avocado month (which may take longer than a month, depends how long it takes to get through all these Avocado recipes). Probably the first thing you thought of when I mentioned avocado month is “that’s all well and good but I hope there’s some awesome avocado desserts, that’s where avocado really comes in to its own”.

And it’s exactly that question that led us straight to the dessert section of the Complete Avocado Cookbook. And then straight to the Date Avocado Tango.

“This dish is similar to a mousse, but with more goodies” 

DAT recipe

A short summary of Date Avocado Tango is dates, avocado, cream, honey and egg whites mixed together, whipped a bit and then put in a glass with cream on top.


At this stage in the bad jelly experiment we realised that tasting order is important in any dish served in a glass.  Unfortunately after I tasted then the super excited four year old snuck in, took a big spoonful and then spat it back in the glass.  No-one was that keen on tasting after that, even after I (rather kindly) spooned out the spit. So, it’s reliant on me to tell you that it tasted not unpleasant but just slightly odd.  There’s a reason why avocado and date is not a classic combination.

PS – Thank you to Lou for giving me “The Complete Avocado Cookbook”.  For the sake of our working relationship I will assume you were being nice.

PPS – To go completely off topic, after checking the google search terms that led people to this site, a quick shout out to the confused young man who searched for “how to pot ham in my penis” and arrived at this blog.  I am sure you didn’t find what you were looking for, here’s hoping one day someone will sit you down for a chat about what your penis is used for.

5 thoughts on “Date Avocado Tango

  1. This post made me laugh out loud…at work. I’ll probably get fired. That said, it sounds like your four year old and my five year old would get along famously…though I’m not inviting either of them to dinner.
    Cheers from Philadelphia, PA,

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