Ham Cornets

If you have been reading this blog for a little while, firstly thank you, and secondly, I reckon that, like me, you will probably be aware that a ham cornet is not going to be “just like a Cornetto but hammy”.   

There are a couple of obvious differences.  Instead of creamy sweet icecream, there are leftover vegetables, and instead of a crunchy waffle cone, there’s ham.  But the most striking difference is that a Cornetto tastes good and this tastes like a big pile of crap covered in mayonnaise.


A ham cornet is basically leftover vegetables, wrapped in ham in a cone shape and mixed with mayonnaise.  In the middle you must place a tomato with cuts in it (or, taking creative licence, an orange) and then make dinky little shapes with butter and shove them in to it.  What the recipe doesn’t tell you is that the dinky little shapes are bloody hard to make without the butter melting everywhere and that once you have finished the final product they slump and melt anyway so the whole thing only looks “good” for about ten minutes before it becomes a sludgy, buttery, vegetably mess.  I can only assume that in the 1970’s 10 minutes was all it took for someone to quietly remove the plate of ham cornets and never mention it again.


Extra points for matching the background so well?

As always, I am left with so many questions for the cooks of the 1970’s.  How did you eat these? Why did you eat these? Why was your mayonnaise orange? Were the leftover vegetables leftover from the last time you made ham cornets resulting in an endless cycle of leftover vegetables being wrapped in ham, leftover and then wrapped in ham again?

It’s a terrifying thought. 

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