101 Kiwifruit Ideas

It was the early 1990’s and the boffins at the New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board had a problem on their hands.  Despite the fact that kiwifruit goes with absolutely everything, kiwifruit sales were plummeting*.  The answer was obvious and led to the publishing of “101 Kiwifruit Ideas”, proving to doubters everywhere that kiwifruit could be paired with wontons, prawns, tacos, salmon, curry and thrown indiscriminately in to soup.


Yep, that’s kiwi and oysters on the cover

The possibilities were endless and two of the most intriguing were Hot New Zealand Kiwifruit and Bacon Salad and a Kiwi Café (a Kiwi Iced Coffee).

The Kiwifruit and Bacon salad was as simple as cooked bacon, sliced kiwifruit and pasta with some white wine vinegar poured over it.


The bacon was hot, the kiwi was cold and the pasta was vinegary. The end result looked like this:

Kiwi and bacon salad

Each ingredient on its own was ok, when you combined them together though it just tasted weird. I didn’t think it was possible to make bacon taste bad but kiwifruit does just that.  Clearly what was missing was an accompanying kiwifruit drink, which is where kiwi café comes in.


A kiwi café is strained kiwifruit, carefully topped with cold coffee and then milk.  Put together at first it didn’t look too bad.


It didn’t taste great and then once you stirred it then the milk and kiwifruit sort of separated and curdled like this:


So, surprisingly, it turns out kiwifruit doesn’t go with everything. Who knew.

* This is all made up. And maybe early 1990’s isn’t totally retro but who doesn’t love a story that stars kiwifruit.

11 thoughts on “101 Kiwifruit Ideas

  1. I guess that’s the reason why it’s just called “101 Kiwifruit Ideas”, and not something more specific like “101 Kiwifruit Recipes That Don’t Taste Like a Toddler Came Up With Them”.

  2. Some other examples were things like “Kiwi Nachos” where you basically make Nachos and then chop up Kiwi and put it on top. Or Kiwi brushcetta where you make a nice brushcetta and then… chop up Kiwi and put it on top. Then there is Kiwi and Turkey Curry which is towards the end of the book, suggesting that they were running out of ideas by then…. mmmm.

  3. There used to be an attraction called Kiwifruit Country, where you could take a tour of the kiwifruit plantation riding in a train-like (pulled by a tractor) set of little cars shaped like half kiwis, and climb the steps inside a Big (fiberglass?) Kiwifruit Slice to look out over the surrounding New Zealandness from a window cut in one of the pips. Sadly, the little train was closed the day we went, and I have only a photograph somewhere of the Big Kiwifruit Slice. The Big Kiwifruit Slice was enormous. Bigger than the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. The recipe pamphlet you explore here was distributed.

  4. I have recently verified that it is awesome when dehydrated. It was pretty awesome last weekend when I was camping. Of course, you should keep in mind that my friends and I also saw no problem with crapping in a hole and skinny dipping in Lake Superior (the lake voted “best place to dispose of a body” because it’s too cold for decomposition to take place, and thus they never float to the surface).

  5. I’m not surprised that it curdled! Fun fact: kiwi contains actinidin, an enzyme that breaks down the proteins in milk (and yogurt). It can also screw with gelatin.

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