Buffet Table Eggs

From The Better Hostess Series: Hors d’Oeuvres & Appetizers, 1978

“Eggs make very satisfying hors d’oeuvres, especially when served cold for summer buffets”

This post is mostly going to be pictures, not because there’s not much to say or because I am a bit slack, but because the pictures are AWESOME.  They say pictures speak a thousand words and these truly do (although a lot of the words would be swearing or synonyms for “absolutely revolting”).

The uninitiated among us were initially confused about the name “Buffet table eggs”, but from what we can gather this is just what eggs are called when they are served on a buffet table.

There were six different varieties available and the idea was to present them, as fancily decorated as possible, nestled in beds of alfalfa. Just like this:


We dove in with now-familiar misguided enthusiasm, and decided to make all six, briefly faltered when we discovered we were missing shrimps, recovered and skipped one. And then there were five.


I warned you there would be lots of pictures, so let’s skip the mixing, swearing, apprehension, piping and painstakingly cutting to show you the end result:


I told you it was awesome.

The first cab off the rank was the cleverly named “Variation 2”. This involved taking a hard-boiled egg, cutting the top off, scooping out the inside and mixing that with pate, cream and brandy, then stuffing it back in again.  The end result was perched jauntily on top of a cut orange, with mayonnaise piped in around the edges and a little spiky hat on top, like so:


We followed that up in quick succession with…

Stuffed eggs on top of a little tail made out of gerkins:


A boiled tomato stuffed with (you guessed it) eggs, mixed with cream cheese and cream:


Egg on puff pastry with a pretty necklace of peas*:


Split eggs piped with parmesan, mustard, cream and egg filling:


I honestly think we could have continued on all night with various combinations of egg, piping, pinking shears and mayonnaise, and probably would have done if we hadn’t run out of eggs.

Finally, we proudly stepped back from our masterpiece and it was time to taste it.

Bridget – tastes like crap. They all taste the same, some are more offensive than others.

Alister – the parsley is pretty good. I still don’t understand why that egg is in an orange.

Anthony – tastes weirdly like a dessert.

Sarah – the worst was the pate filled egg and unfortunately that was the one we all tasted first.  Each ingredient individually was probably nice but then mixed together (and upside down in an orange) they tasted like sick. Well, sick in an orange. The others were sort of ok but the pate one had unfortunately put me off eggs.

* I personally hate peas more than anything in the world, even racist taxi drivers, so for me this was by far the worst, and it represented a personal achievement that I allowed the peas in my house.

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