Jellied Gazpacho

From Australian Women’s Weekly Dinner Party Cookbook No 2, 1970’s

“Take a new look at entertaining and delight your friends with your new found cookery skills”

The Better Hostess Series: Hors d’Oeuvres & Appetisers

Enough said! The time was ripe to delight my friends with some gazpacho. And not just any old gazpacho… One that was strong but flexible, stable but giving, manly but just a little bit wobbly… That’s right, I’m talking about jellied gazpacho! And better still, I was going to take that sucker, turn it upside down and serve it in an avocado.


So far I’ve  found it surprisingly hard to find the bog standard stuff that retro recipes call for.  Take tomatoes for example.  At Woolworths they had vine ripened tomatoes, truss tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes and lots of little tomato varieties, but there were none just labelled “plain”.  Eventually I settled for the optimistically-named “gourmet tomatoes”.


10 maraschino cherries and a decoratively sliced gerkin to anyone who can explain why these are gourmet.

While making the gazpacho I couldn’t help but recall The Castle.

“Whatya call this love?”
“Yeah but it’s what you’ve done with it”
“Scooped it into an avocado.”

Ta da!

Looks like everybody’s kicked a goal!

Sadly, there were no Dale Kerrigans at the table. Here are the verdicts:

Bridget – not that bad, kind of like salsa. 2 and a half out of 5 radish flowers.

Al – yeah, like bad salsa. 1 out of 5 radish flowers.

Anthony – is it supposed to have that weird aftertaste? 1 out of 5 radish flowers.

Sarah – like cold jellied watery tomato soup. 2 out of 5 radish flowers.

Note: The weird thing  is that although no-one else went back for a second spoonful, the kids ate the rest of it. Clearly their standards have been lowered by all this retro food-testing.

4 thoughts on “Jellied Gazpacho

  1. Not the same thing, but I had some tomatoes to be used and didn’t want to serve my guests gazpacho, tomato soup, or caprese salad. Half asleep, I thought of tomato aspic, which I haven’t had or seen in 45 years. The old “Joy of Cooking” had a recipe and it was really nice.

    I know this doesn’t exactly match this blog’s theme, but…

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