Cucumber and Beer Soup

From Supercook’s Supersavers Cookbook, 1980

Imagine this scenario. You’ve got guests about to arrive for lunch, and suddenly you realise you forgot to go shopping. There’s nothing in your pantry except for a beer, a cucumber and a pottle of sour cream.

What do you do? Cancel the lunch?

Yes. Yes you do.  You call up your friends and tell them you’ve got the flu, because if you combine those ingredients and try to pass it off as food, your friends will think you are trying to murder them.

Beer and Cucumber Soup is a joke food. I know that now. It’s an April Fool’s day prank – like snapping gum or chicken in a can – that only a complete and utter bastard would pull.

“Ha ha, scarred for life! Joke’s on you!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a practical joke as much as the next person, but I thought printing this recipe without any kind of warning was irresponsible:

Beer and Cucumber Soup recipe

Although I should have caught on when I beat the sour cream and beer together, and it looked like this:


But then it started to fizz like a school science project, and I was mesmerized. I threw the remaining ingredients in the cauldron, chilled for an hour, and served.


Here is the verdict:

Have you ever tried gazpacho? Yeah. Imagine eating gazpacho, drinking six beers and a bottle of week-old milk, letting that sit overnight and then throwing it up the next day. “Deeply disturbing” is putting it mildly. The sour milkiness mixed with beer gave me flashbacks to the first and worst hangover of my life, and the cucumber chunks certainly did not help.

When they said “revenge is a dish best served cold”, I’m pretty sure they were talking about Beer and Cucumber Soup. That said, I honestly wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

– Alice

Thank you to Laura Vincent from Hungry and Frozen for giving me this recipe. I’m going to assume you hadn’t tried it first/were not trying to murder me. 

7 thoughts on “Cucumber and Beer Soup

  1. Hahahaha! Thank you, Thank you, I love this blog with all my heart and laugh loudly and alone like a crazy lady at every single post. Please do more soon! (if your constitutions can handle it, my wimpy stomach takes its hat off to you taster-testers).

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